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laser hair removal

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Excessive hair growth is a huge problem especially for women. We are conditioned to think that smooth hair-free skin is beautiful and will try as many methods as possible to get rid of it. Mediterranean women are more prone to being hirsute, as are any women with hormonal problems or conditions that may cause excessive hair growth such as polycystic ovaries or Cushing’s syndrome.

If the problem is great, conventional hair removal methods may fail, and at this point women should seriously consulting a professional hair-removal therapist to find a permanent way to get rid of this embarrassing problem. A convenient and permanent method is the use of laser hair removal treatment, one of the preferred methods of hair removal at skin clinics, and here are the reasons why.

  1. Quick Results – Laser Hair Removal is extremely convenient. Small areas can be treated in 10 minutes or less and patients can return to normal activities immediately. Large areas also take far less time to treat than other methods, for example an entire back can be treated in as little as an hour. It is much faster than shaving or tweezing on a regular basis and of course, as it is permanent, it will save a lot of time in the future.
  1. Effective – Patients will enjoy a permanent reduction in unwanted hair plus soft, smooth and unblemished skin. Occasionally results may fade and require a minimal laser touch-up session, most patients experience long lasting results.
  1. Convenient – There may be areas, which are too difficult to reach when practising home hair removal methods, and may require help. Of course this may prove rather embarrassing and there may not always be a helper available. Laser hair removal will remove hair from these areas leaving smooth skin and no need for home treatments.
  1. Painless – Unlike waxing and electrolysis, laser hair removal is virtually pain free. No burning sensation like waxing and no sharp pains as can be experienced with electrolysis. No painful after-effects either and patients can go about their everyday lives with no discomfort. Occasionally patients have experienced slight discomfort, which is likened to mild sunburn. This is easily controlled with the use of ice or gels such as aloe vera.
  1. Beautiful Skin – Laser hair therapy does not irritate the skin like some hair removal creams can. It does not burn and is a hygienic method so no after effects like rashes or infections. If there are ingrown hairs, hair removal therapists will often use a little microdermabrasion to clear dead skin debris then remove the offending hair permanently.
  1. Cost Effective – Whilst the initial charge for laser hair removal may seem a little expensive, taking into account the cost of other treatments, which do not permanently remove hair, can put this cost into perspective. No more buying hair removal creams or paying for hair waxing treatments. Far quicker than electrolysis, so treatment will last a minimum of time compared to multiple electrolysis sessions.